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      Please help spread the word: the username of your Forums account is different from its display name, the display name has become your username.  #UpgradeWoes
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      Members should once again be able to start new topics in the Social/Show room forums.


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  1. Azshara - Starting Over

    anything honey
  2. Azshara - Starting Over

    I love everything what gucy do
  3. Happy

    stfu I saw it today
  4. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    Only guys who deserve to get GM right now is Jaz, none else, if we look in past of hacking and shits, thoose who "never" abused here don't even log in game so yeah, maco you wanting gm but you aren't even logging in game.
  5. Sorry For Best

    man I laugh'd so hard when I saw this lol