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      Members should once again be able to start new topics in the Social/Show room forums.


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  1. What are you listening to now?

  2. What are you listening to now?

  3. What are you listening to now?

  4. What are you listening to now?

  5. Hows life goin

  6. What are you listening to now?

    This is my recent song I've made, hope you enjoy it !
  7. End of an Era

    For the sake of the years you've played on Woc, can you at least ONCE not use Google Translate?
  8. End of an Era

    Go back to elementary and learn some English
  9. End of an Era

    Was fun playing with everyone here, I hope we have the this opportunity again. Take care everyone.
  10. What are you listening to now?

  11. End of an Era

    Why everyone hate Cuccy suddenly lol?
  12. End of an Era

    I started here in the summer of 2007. I was 13 at that time, a kid, not knowing what Woc or Wow means. But here is the place I literally grew up, made friends, made millions of memories and Woc will always remain in my heart. I know it sounds silly just because it's a game, it's more than that for me. I want to thank everyone here, from staff members to every single player whom I played with, laughed or cried. I am deeply moved and I can only say it has been a long road and a pleasure to play/chat/raid and enjoy moments with all of you ( even with you Anema ) . Take care, and I hope we'll all meet again at some point soon. Good bless, Timoty
  13. Which Do You Wanna See

    Lemonparty, I think it suits you
  14. In Need Of Help

    Oh good then, thanks.
  15. In Need Of Help

    Good day. I recently found one of my oldest accounts created here ( made it around 2009-2010 with the username Freecookies), I have the e-mail for it, but when I try to reset password, this is what shows up ; I look foward for feedback, have a nice day.