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      Looks like we need some of Khan's blood then.

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      I'll just play along because I have watched some of it but can't yet make references ~ 

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      Rumor has it that I may know how to contact him.

  2. End of an Era

    Wow... Checked it out a bit last night, almost a decade later I cannot believe a lot of my work is still on there, I can't even imagine where it would be if I had updated it with some of my newer systems like automated pvp/stair phased events or something as simple as my improved GM addon/logging system where you don't have to take someones word or screenshots for item replacement... Now I kind of feel like I let everyone down... Even the simple things would have improved QOL quite a bit
  3. End of an Era

    Some days there was like 40+ people just hanging out and ganking at Guru, that was epic, when I went to retail it was such a let down that WPvP was dead These days there's pretty much absolutely none at all, and when you do WPvP the snowflakes cry... Why the hell roll a PvP server if you don't want to PvP...
  4. End of an Era

    Great times! So much fun, seriously! Miss then.
  5. End of an Era

    Wow this makes me sad, just want to say sorry Satan for any bad blood, I miss the old days terribly, WOC was the server that got me kickstarted into coding, after woc I moved on to coding for aspiredev/trinitycore/mangos, I ended up on another server but left there years ago for retail (which I've also quit).. Unfortunately my HDD with all my WOC stuff on it died a couple years back so I've lost everything I had to do with it, up until then I still had a copy of the core and DB's, I even had the guncraft server, all of which I never abused. I had a lot of fun here too much to list, doing mass summons to gurubashi was by far my favorite thing to do! Bye everyone! Miss all of you and the old days!