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  1. Happy birthday GM Volanz and many successes in your life. God bless you.
  2. HAPPY EASTER https://postimg.org/image/6etgh2ygh/
  3. happy halloween. This is Halloween week. Halloween is one of the West's traditional holiday events will be held on the night of October 31. Children usually wear clothing that night and to collect candy and nuts strange and frightening the others go home. One of the symbols of Halloween, a pumpkin is to hollow out the mouth and eye and scary pumpkin with a candle inside it is a manifestation scary. Twenty years ago, on this day Halloween celebration which will be held between the West, expressing their predecessors believe in the hereafter. sat on a table because it believed that on this night the spirits of their dead and also opens between two worlds together and are living there, so those with more generous in this celebration were the dead to intercede God by the end of the year against evil and calamities stay safe. Halloween is one of the most revered religious festivals and celebrations of Christmas and the birth of Jesus are welcome beginning.
  4. Hello Everybuddy. Christmas is and where they come from? Christmas is one of the holy days of the birth anniversary of Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (AS) refers, but overall Christmas birthday celebration of Christ under the influence of secular traditions and customs of the Saturnalia is a winter holiday. Christmas traditions include the installation of a traditional image of Christ's birth, decorating the Christmas tree and exchange gifts and greeting cards, and the axis of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and New Year promotion of goodwill, generosity, kindness and family gatherings rests. Christmas is traditionally held on December 25, some Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 7 as of December 25 in the Julian calendar, which is the same. The traditional date only, and does not seem to be the actual date of Christ's birth was nurtured.Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world and this is how Christians and Western culture combined with the dispersion relation winter celebrations.Despite the influence of the British and American Christmas traditions prevalent in film, literature, television and other media can be seen, many traditions to celebrate Christmas still held in different regions and localities. Winter holiday before Christmas : The traditions of many cultures celebrate the winter holidays are very popular and is considered part of the loss of agricultural work in the winter comes,From a religious perspective Easter (Easter) and Christmas is the most important holiday in the church calendar was of less importance, from the early church to celebrate the birth of the church members were protesting.Christmas celebrations in modern times is reflected in many respects superior carving winter holiday tradition in which the multiplier effect can Saturnalia celebrations, Natalis Solis , Yul noted. In the Roman era, the most festive winter celebration of Saturnalia and the rest, celebration, joy, and the rules were Rsmymhsvb. The celebration in honor of Saturn from 17 to 24 December, but in the celebration of the Seven Kingdoms period was reduced to five days. Natalis Solis on December 25 entitled "birth invincible sun" was celebrated and contains praise of the goddess and the god of the sun.Algabalvs Roman Empire (222-218), founder of the popular celebration culminated during Arylyan. On 25 December, the date of the winter solstice and the celebration was not any give up the sun in winter . Many early Christian writers have attributed the rebirth of the sun to the birth of Christ and the Catholic feast of Sol Invictus argue that the date of Christmas and the birth of Christ. gather and celebrate the full log burning fire lasted 12 days and sometimes mess. As Northern Europe was the last part to bring Christianity to the pagan celebrations, they will have a devastating effect on the shape of a Christmas celebration. Askandynavyha still call Christmas Yule, the word began to Christmas was in English and German. Origins of Christmas : It is not clear when and why December 25th was the birthday of Christ, because the New Testament has no date on this issue.*** Julius Frykanvs Birch was the first historian of the Christian world chronicle began in common the idea that Jesus was born on December 25 was pivotal.The history of the Conception of Mary, nine months after the date (s) (25 March) is considered. The date of the vernal equinox was March 25, and the creation of Adam (AS) is considered. Christ the early Christians believed that March 25th is the date of the crucifixion of Christ. Determine the date of birth of Jesus gala was held at the beginning of inspiration. Tertullian of early Christian theologians of the Church of Christ as a great celebration Rvmyafryqa not considered. 245 years, Avrygn Greek philosopher and Christian theologians denounced celebrate the birth of Christ and stated that his birthday was celebrated only sinners. The first mention of Christmas (Christ) is seen in the calendar Fylvkalvs were gathered in Rome in the year 354. Christians in the East as part of the feast of the baptism of Jesus Christ's birth and wise men visited Jesus celebrated Iranian Shannan star, although the celebration focuses on the baptism of Christ.After the death of Emperor Valensi favor ideas Edirne aureus in battle 378 years celebration of Christmas in the East became more color,But the trend over the last quarter century was controversial, after 381 years as a bishop was appointed Gregory Nazyanzvs.The celebration of 400 years, and at other times by appointment of John Krystvstvm strong comeback. .^^ .Good luck
  5. Happy birthday, Christoffapotamus! Best wishes mate. ^^