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How can I change my in-game account passwords?

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Leverage.    46

Hi, I've forgotten my accounts and my e-mails and I decided to find them one by one, but I just realized the site has been updated and I can't "find" the option from which I used to log into my in-game account and not just the forum one. 

If anyone helps that'd be great! 

It's a miracle I was able to log this forum registration from 2012 ROFL.

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Leverage.    46

Never mind, I just heard the news. Zul Aman is closed for good. I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye. I haven't played in more than 5 years. Time flies so fast, I can't even believe this actually happened. Half of my childhood was literally in this server and now it's all gone.

I started playing like 8 years ago under the name "Chivalric" as a rogue... I was 13 years old and now I am currently 22. I remember I didn't know what "UG" means.. and someone with bad English told me "low armor" so ... since I had about 3k armor I thought I needed more to get invited into raids for BT. I created a druid named "Themighty" and went feral (obviously), so I went in front of the raid leader in bear form and I felt so miserable when he didn't invite me ... even though I wasn't "UG" anymore :D

I remember so much details about my time in this server, I don't know if it's even normal. I remember I was so impatient about everything, I knew I needed more than 2-3 badge of justice in order to dupe and get a TABARD, I woke up 6 am before going to school just to VOTE for woc and try to dupe, cause someone explained it to me, but I didn't quite understand the whole scheme and how it worked. Eventually I had every possible tabard on all my characters and I felt so proud of myself :D

I remember before ninja-ing was banable and KB dropped, I kicked everyone and and took it, cause I was a greedy bastard and I knew  this was the only chance I will ever get to have an "arti". My heart was going to explode when I saw the loot. 

I still would remember most of the people that played back then and I'd really just like to say "Hi", but it is what it is. Even though I was banned multiple times for different kinds of things... this server was like a 2-nd home to me. 

I wish everyone reading this nothing but the best in life! This is me saying 1 final goodbye and that this was the best server ever! 

#lovewepswap #loveglitches #loveinsanedmg #Zulamanwillforeverbeinmyheart 


Edit: My in-game names - Atlantis, Leverage, Tooze, Zapy, Leve, Shadezz. 

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